The new breed of Muslim youth are fornicating & having sex anyhow-Sariki Abubakar

The Mallam Laafa and Ngleshie Amanfrom Chief Sariki Saddiq Abubakar have bemoaned the increasing rate of fornication among Muslim youth.

The Islam cleric explained that the Quran is explicitly clear that a true believer of the Islamic principles is not allowed to engage in premarital sex.

The practice he explained bars them from engaging in fornication and other sexual vices.

He said their holy books do not recognize the prayers of Muslims during their fasting period when they eat from women they date with but have not married them.

“The Quran is against Muslims who engage in fornication and other sexual sins. The Muslim youth today, are not living by their faith. They are having sex with anyone and fornicating anyhow.”

He went on to state that the marriage ceremonies performed by today’s Muslims are not by their beliefs and practices.

To him, marriage ceremonies have become fashionable for people and no longer in line with what Allah has instructed.

He was speaking on the After Church Show Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm with Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi.


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