The NDC – offshoot of the NLC that illegally overthrew Kwame Nkrumah-Ernesto Writes

Well, I will say it as many times as it comes up that the NDC is an offshoot of the NLC that illegally overthrew Kwame Nkrumah. This is a historical fact.

Anytime we recall the national crime of 24th February 1966 we talk about the “UP” opposition elements to Kwame Nkrumah, forgetting that those who actually executed the illegal overthrow and subsequently held and exercised real power is the NLC which has transformed itself into the NDC.

In Dark Days in Ghana, in the chapter titled “Opposition Elements”, page 52, Kwame Nkrumah undertakes a surgical analysis of the nature of the opposition that he was confronted with.

Beginning the chapter he states: “The members of “the old opposition” with whom the “NLC” are closely associated, are the same people who tried to sabotage the winning of our political independence ten years ago”. Now, who are the members of “the old opposition” that Nkrumah refers to if not the UP? What we are about to discover is the nature of the NLC and how it manifests itself in every respect in the NDC just as we have seen with the UP and the NPP.

Indeed, so convinced is Nkrumah about the distinction that separated the “NLC” from the UP that on page 105 of the same book he states, “The puppet press and radio reflecting the official line poured out a steady stream of abuse against me personally and against my government. Endless Commissions of enquiry were set up, manned by members of “the old opposition” and various other ambitious men anxious to ingratiate themselves with the new regime”. Anytime Nkrumah referred to the UP he described them as “the old opposition”.

The NLC was the reactionary class of the Military and Police in whose dirty hands the stolen mandate of the people now rested. Even though they were united in their thoughts against Nkrumah and the CPP, their personal ambitions begun to fuel an intense power struggle that manifested in later overthrows and counter overthrows after 1966.

Rawlings was conscious of his class, which is why as chairman of the AFRC and PNDC he signed to protect the National Criminals who illegally overthrew the CPP and caused the suspension and abrogation of the 1960 constitution, and assumed power without a political mandate.

The Indemnity Clause specifically names NLC, NRC, SMC1, SMC2, AFRC and PNDC, all being military and police officers. That faction is the officer’s class of the indigenous bourgeoisie to be precise. That is precisely the faction the Founding Father of the NDC belongs to.

By: Ernesto Yeboah, Founder of Economic Fighters League

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