The military invasion in Parl was a mistake that restored law & order-Dr. Lartey

The presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) in the 2020 presidential election, Dr. Henry Lartey says the invasion of the military in Parliament, last week helped in restoring law and order.

Contrary to calls by some persons for the military personnel who invaded the House to be punished, Dr. Lartey says that idea is needless.

He said so far as he was concerned, democracy was at play, and despite the pushing and shouting, the MPs were able to elect the Speaker and his deputies, and the 8th Parliament was also inaugurated.

He argues that although the arrival of the military came in for the wrong reasons, it helped stabilize the confrontations that were going on.

Dr. Lartey indicated that we allowed democracy to be restored and the soldiers came in and left quickly.

He asked that we learn from the mistake and never repeat it again.

The security in charge of the House he said lost control hence the military’s intervention came in at a point when it was needed.

Dr. Lartey was hopeful the visitors from countries that witnessed the exercise would have good stories to narrate about Ghana despite the chaotic scenes in parliament on January, 7.

Persons who have called for the punishment of the soldiers he said lack an understanding of democracy.

He insisted there is no point in pushing the soldiers because Ghana nearly lost its credentials as the beacon of democracy and the role of the soldiers must be commended.

He added we have proven to the whole world that we have elected a Speaker and inaugurated a President and his Vice in a day.

This is unusual to me and we should be proud as Ghanaians, he suggested.

He advised politicians to look at the positives that characterized the exercise and stop locking heads against each other.

He was optimistic Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin will be a good Speaker because he is not corrupt, knows the rules of the House, and has no unquestionable integrity.


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