The majority of our movies have portrayed women as better than men- Socrates Safo

Renowned filmmaker Socrates Safo had admitted that movies portray women in the positive more than men.

Discussing a topic on whether movies had played a role in how fathers are perceived in a negative light, he said it is true that our movies have portrayed women as better than men.

The filmmaker said one of the major reasons why this was so is that filmmaking is a business, and producers expect to make a profit from their investments.

For this reason, they would want to invest in projects that would generate returns.

He also argued that the majority of movie consumers are women, and so, filmmakers prefer to invest in movies that celebrate women more.

”We have always made women look good because they are the ones who consume our movies. The world over, women are the majority consumers of movies,” he told host Kwabena Agyapong.

When asked whether filmmakers could change the narrative and produce contents that will change the narrative for fathers to be recognised he said, ”it would be difficult. It would be difficult because women are more consumers of movies than men. If you don’t do what your consumers want, how will get your money back?”

Socrates Safo recounted how he had in the past produced several movies for development, but consumers don’t prefer these types of movies, and for that reason, as a movie maker who wants profit just like others, they would limit the number of such movies and invest in those that will give them returns.

”What we are doing is not bad but skewed towards the men. The movies are highlighting more on the good women. It is not promoting anything negative but poasitive towards the women. It is not too bad because it will help the society and make several women do their best and do more,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has stated he does not subscribe to fathers’ day since it is not an African value.


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