The law is the law, Poloo being jailed great news-Critic

Entertainment critic Chris Tsormanah has jabbed individuals slamming the Accra Circuit Court for sentencing Akuapem Poloo to three months imprisonment over the nude photo she took in the presence of her 7-year-old son.

Commenting on the issue, he said he is happy the social media sensation has been punished by the law.

According to him, he is not expressing happiness over the predicament of the actress but the case shows that if we put out mind to the law and follow it to the latter, we will function well as a country.

He said Ghanaians have in the past complained that the laws in the country do not work and always compare Ghana with other countries hence they should be happy that the case was dealt with properly.

He indicated on Rainbow Entertainment that the law is the law and when anyone falls foul of it, you have to be punished for it.

To him, the actress could have spent more than five years in jail after pleading guilty to all the three charges that were presented in court against her.

Chris Tsormanah said enforcing the law is crucial and when people offend the law, they have to face the consequences for it.

He went on to state that comparing this case to that of NAM 1’s issue is a lame comparison.

The two issues he added are different hence those making such frivolous comments should stop.


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