The God we serve does not live anywhere, he lives in us- David Oscar

Reggae dancehall artiste David Oscar has expressed disappointment in Africans for believing that the God they serve is a white man.

Appearing on Rainbow Entertainment, the musician said it so painful that even with the improvement of technology, Africans still believe they are serving a white God.

He told host DJ Slash that Africans are still slaves mentally because they have not discovered themselves.

The Bible he opined never described the complexion of Jesus Christ as people perceive.

This agenda he opined is being pushed by certain people to serve a purpose.

“It is false, the Bible never described the complexion of Jesus Christ. If you read the account in Revelation, it never described the complexion of Jesus. It serves the purpose of certain people. I don’t know who they are but this is a system. They are people behind systems to ensure that you do not know who you are, ” he added.

Describing himself as an African, he said all these things he says are based on his experiences with different dominations of churches but he has now discovered himself and had a knowledge of himself that the God he serves is in him and separate from him.


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