The Fight against corruption is not in slogans & phrases-Lecturer

Political science lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba, Dr. Isaac Brako says fighting corruption is not about slogans and chanting popular phrases.
The fight against corruption he lamented has not been effective because we have resorted to only slogans without punishing severely those who are indicted.
The lecturer said for us to root out corruption in Ghana, we must punish offenders severely to deter others from engaging in corrupt practices.
He was reacting to the monetization of the internal party and general elections.
Some of the candidates in the just ended parliamentary primaries of the NDC decried the use of money in influencing voters.
Ras Mubarak who lost his bid in Kumbungu blamed his defeat on the use of money by his contender.
Lawyer Xavier Sosu disclosed he used GHc300, 000 to get elected as a parliamentary candidate.
“For now, I can’t say for a fact but I’m sure it should be somewhere over GH¢300,000. That is from somewhere July 2018 till now. It may be more, I am yet to reconcile…. Generally, the key elements include posters, branch visitations and most likely you would have to convey them; the cost of transportation, feeding, cost of buying fuel for your team and sometimes petty requests coming from delegates; you take care of medical bills, school bills and so on,” Xavier Sosu said.
Reacting to these concerns, the lecturer said Ghanaians have also contributed to the canker of corruption because of the demands they make from politicians who seek political power.
The monetization of elections he revealed was not limited to political parties but has found its way on campuses in our universities and senior high schools where students use the money to influence people to vote for them.
He noted the canker has forced politicians who elected into public office to become thieves because when elected, they abuse their office, steal from state resources to cover the cost they incurred during their campaigns.
Others also steal to finance their campaigns when seeking for re-election, a situation he said deprive Ghanaians of access to good roads, well-equipped hospitals, portable water among other developmental projects.
Dr. Isaac Brako stressed on the need to punish corrupt officials severely.
To Ghanaians, he challenged them to desist from making financial demands from politicians because they will surely rob the state for them to cover the cost they incurred during their campaigns.

He was speaking to Nyakonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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