The current GFA leadership lacks transparency & accountability- Abbey Pobi

Football administrator Jonathan Abbey Pobi believes that the current Ghana Football Association (GFA) leadership lacks transparency and accountability.

He claimed that the GFA lacks transparency and accountability, and to back up his claim, he cited how the GFA distributed resources during the peak of Covid-19.

According to him, it was needless for players of the Black Stars to have received portions of the money.

To him, only corrupt persons would allow players of the Black Stars to benefit from the money.

“It was once said that Ghanaians forget easily. When the covid money arrived, the same GFA distributed it. They split the money, and Black Stars received a portion of it. Some people lack intelligence. Because they wanted to do certain things, they divided the money and made the Black Stars receive a portion of it.”

“Would you like to ask me a question about transparency?” We would not have difficulty demonstrating how the $15,000 million allocated for the Qatar World Cup would be spent if there was transparency. The $10,000 million used in Cameroon would have been accounted for if there had been transparency. They are lacking in transparency.”

He was speaking on Rainbow Sports about how the GFA distributed the sponsorship package provided by betpawa, a betting company.

To him, the sponsorship money should have gone toward paying the players’ salaries and improving their welfare, rather than what the clubs accepted.

He stated that Ghanaian players deserve to be well compensated in order to perform well.

He went on to say that if we want players to stop betting, we must pay them well. That is what we must do. Pay your players with sponsorship money. It would prevent them from betting,” he emphasized.


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