The Colonial masters twisted the contents of the Bible which were full of African values to deceive us- Anim Yirenkyi

Renowned Ghanaian musician and Pan-Africanist Mark Anim Yirenkyi, has opined that the Bible was full of African cultural values but the colonial masters redefined the contents to represent their values.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he explained that we were made slaves in our cultural beliefs.

To him, we have lost our identity as Africans and for that reason, we have lost our destiny as a people.

He noted that we have hated ourselves and refused to be Africans or black men since we feel it is inferior to be black or an African.

He stated that our forefathers fought against imperialism, colonialism and an attempt by the colonial master to steal from us, cause divisions and make us hate each other.

“However, the generation today is rather craving to be white when they are black. They have abandoned their cultural values and embraced what is not theirs. When a white hates a black, it is called racism but when a black hates another black, what do we call it”.

He was speaking to host Kwabena Agyapong adding that we are currently suffering mental slavery. We don’t believe in ourselves as a people. Whatever the black does is inferior and that is because of how we have allowed ourselves to be treated”, he added.

He underscored the need for Africans and especially Ghanaians to renew their minds and go back to their true values.

He also lamented that Africa lacks economic freedom and independence.

“We fight and kill ourselves and pretend to be united. We are not united because the system came to divide us. If we can develop the country, we need to drop the partisan politics, drop selfishness, greed and adopt a united front and chart our own path so we can develop.


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