Tema High Court adjourns of bail application for Fix TheCountry convener

The Tema High Court has adjourned the ruling of the bail application of #FixTheCountry lead convener, Oliver Barker Vormawor to Wednesday, March 16.

His lawyer, Akoto Ampaw told the court that the comments based on which his client is being trialed were a conditional phrase that was shared as a viewpoint concerning coups in the subregion.

In his view, the comments did not constitute a crime by Ghana’s laws.

He further told the court that the accused is not a flight risk since his passport is with the prosecution.

However,  Senior State Attorney, Hilda Craig disagreed.

She argued that the social media post showed his statement of intent.

She further argued that there was the intention and that was why he followed through by coming to Ghana.

She noted that the fixthecountry convenor does not have a fixed abode in the country.

She added that some persons travel outside the country using unapproved routes and hence the accused was still a flight risk.

The presiding judge, Daniel Mensah adjourned the ruling of the application after hearing both sides to Wednesday, March 15, 2022.

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