Tema General Hospital should’ve been a teaching hospital by now-Lecturer

A lecturer and economist Dr. Julius Kattah has expressed his displeasure at the current state of the Tema General Hospital.

The lecturer believes the hospital should have been transformed into a world-class medical facility in the sub-region.

He was responding to the issue of the current public debt stock and whether the government had anything to show as proof of investment for the loans contacted.

He posited that the Agenda 111 project cannot be successful without including the redevelopment of the Tema General Hospital.

“Tema General Hospital is over 40 years but in a poor state. It should have been a Teaching Hospital in the sub-region in addition to the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital. The hospital is an industrial enclave but the people who work there are living like people who work in a cottage. An industrial area like Tema does not have a teaching hospital and you are talking about Agenda 111?”

He has therefore challenged the government to take into consideration the need to transform the Tema General Hospital into a teaching hospital.

He further advised the government to make good use of the loans it contracts to help shape and restore confidence in the economy.

On the issue of the economic situation, he wondered why the price of toilet rolls has shot up to astronomical when we don’t even have enough toilets in the country.

He said as the leader of the economic management team, these are the things you should concern yourself with.

He averred that the rise in the prices of basic commodities in the market is high and as a government, it would be a concern.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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