Teenagers who allegedly killed minor will only get 3 years imprisonment if…Lawyer

Private legal practitioner lawyer Tachie Antiedu has explained that the two teenagers who allegedly murdered a 10-year-old boy may only have a maximum of three years in prison if it is established that they are below 18 years.

He said what the police should have after the arrest of the teenagers was to examine their birth or baptismal certificates or find out from their schools their ages.

The lawyer told hos Kwabena Agyapong that interested parties in the case must manage their expectations in the ongoing matter especially when their ages has come into question.

He said the maximum sentence for them should be below 18 years would three years despite allegedly committing murder

Lawyer Antiedu said the conviction of persons below 18 years has been provided for in the Juvenile Justice Act.

He further explained that if convicted they would be sent to Senior Correctional Homes.

But if there is the possibility that one of the offenders is 18-years their trial would be done together.

He stressed that the maximum number of years they could get is three years and that is what the public must understand.

He said the fact that someone has been murdered does not mean a murder has been executed.

He advised it would be proper for the family of the deceased to be counselled so they could manage their expectations on the outcome of the issue.

Lawyer Antiedu said it would be prudent for the prosecution to counsel the family so they would accept the outcome of the case.

He has however called for a review of the law which states that you can only prosecute minor offenders from 13 years and above.

He wants the age of 12 which prevents minors from being prosecuted to be reduced to 10 years.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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