Tamale: Ghc2 worth of shea butter shoots up to Ghc10

The prices for Shea butter products in the northern part of the country have increased, Rainbow Radio has gathered.

The demand for the products has also increased due to the onset of the northeast trade winds known as the harmattan season.

Our reporter, Prince Kwame Tamakloe reported that the harmattan season is now starting to be more intense in the northern part of the country.

Following that, the demand for shea butter products has increased with the prices also shooting up.

People experience extreme dryness of the skin with others developing cracks on their lips and undersurface of the foot, an extremely painful and discomforting experience during the season.

To help reduce the impact, they use shea butter as a remedy.

Tamakloe stated that the milo size can of the butter sold at Ghc2 is now sold at Ghc10.

A tin tomato (big) size of the shea butter which sold at Ghc5 is now selling at Ghc17.

He said the residents in Tamale are complaining bitterly of the new prices and have decided to move to other communities to buy the shea butter.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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