Supt Rtd Peter L. Toobu Writes to Men and Women in Uniform

My dear brethren in uniform, I greet you all. I have stepped out for a year now purposely among other things to search for political muscle required to raise the morale of citizens who decided on oath to protect and defend Ghana even at the peril of their lives.

I have done a little over 25 years as a Police Officer (Detective, Administrator, Trainer & International Peacekeeper) rising from Constable Class two to Superintendent. Therefore, I understand the levels of frustration, command and control hitches, the ill-equipped and inappropriate training challenges that permeate across all ranks. The world is changing and institutions of state must reflect and accommodate reality to remain relevant.

The People’s Manifesto of the NDC which you all contributed to its rich content has Policies, Programmes and Initiatives (PPI) to change the status quo. 
Key among these PPIs which are human-centred are; 
a. Ensure the National Security Council operates within its constitutional and legal mandate. The National Security Council Secretariat currently does not have combat or operational mandate. 
b. Review and enforce medical package for both serving and retired officers and their families.
c. Ensure timely promotion based on meritocracy and transparency. 
d. Leverage on ICT as an accelerator to reforms. 
e. Ensure timely and adequate supply of accoutrement. 
f. Consider a friendly policy whereby qualified other ranks can become senior officers. 
g. Expand and improve accommodation for all ranks.
h. Streamline matters of peacekeeping operations by promoting transparency in personnel selection per UN mandatory requirements.
i. Facilitate further learning across all ranks.
j. Maintain Cap 30 Pension Scheme. 
k. Insulate Security Services from political interference, restore discipline and loyalty to the State.
l. Recruit more personnel to reduce existing workload and improve upon performance.

I shall follow up in due course with PPIs that are tailor-made towards improving operational capacity of the various Agencies.

Together we should be able to strengthen our various institutions towards effective service delivery. 
May God continue to make our country great and strong as we remain loyal to our collective conscience.

Thank you.

By: Supt Rtd Peter L. Toobu

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