Stop using sex-enhancing drugs for sex, it will kill you-Medical Doctor

A medical doctor from Sandwich International, Dr Afua Asabeah Amoabeng Nti, has cautioned Ghanaian youth against the use of sexual enhancement drugs.

She said those who are fond of using sexual enhancement drugs are at risk of kidney or heart failure and even death.

She explained that there is a lot of misinformation and myth associated with sexual intercourse, and that is creating serious problems for the youth in recent times.

She noted that there are people who do not need enhancers before sex therefore using such drugs will only damage their kidneys or kill them.

”People are selling aphrodisiacs claiming that it enhances sexual performance. But there are people who do not need sexual enhancing drugs. The truth is that people who use sexual enhancing drugs are buying for themselves diseases. The sudden deaths and increase in kidney diseases are caused by these drugs.”

The medical doctor averred that physiologically, sexual enhancing drugs cause changes to the body and force the heart to beat at a faster rate.

She said sex should not last more than six minutes, but when you use these drugs, it delays the time for hours making people think that they are men.

”That is false. You are not a man but rather killing yourself. I am appealing to young men and women to stop using these drugs to enhance their sexual performance. It can kill you or leave behind diseases. It will not help you,” she concluded.


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