Stop promoting nudity-Media admonished

Veteran TV personality, now a Development Queen mother of Afigya-Kwabre district in the Ashanti Region Nana Adjoa Awindor has bemoaned the attention the media gives to nudity and sexually explicit contents.

The former host of Greetings From Abroad lamented that people who enjoy exposing their bodies go viral on social media.

This, he noted has led to indiscipline in our senior high schools.

She underscored the need for the media to be guided by their core duty to inform and educate.

Schools he indicated must be allowed to instil discipline into students so they will be responsible citizens.

She said young children are going wayward, engaging in indiscipline acts including addiction to pornography.

She called for vigilance from parents and further advised young people to be disciplined, learn and avoid any form deviant acts.

He made the call at a press conference today [Thursday, February 13, 2020].

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal

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