Stop criticizing pastors who train their children to be pastors-Rev. Agyinasare

Founder and Convener, Pastors’ Kids Conference Rev. Francis Agyinasare has posited that Ghanaians must have a different perspective in how they criticize the decision of pastors grooming their children to become pastors and take over from them.

He quizzed why it would be proper for pastors to groom the children of others to be reverend ministers and yet found fault with the biological children of pastors of becoming reverend ministers.

Rev. Agyinasare was responding to a question on what he makes of people who complain that if pastors children become pastors, the church will bequeath to them, and the church will become like an inheritance.

In responding, he first laughed out saying, ”it is very interesting that people have that kind of mindset”.

”If someone is a businessman and his children takes over from him, it is not a problem…For a long time, a lot of churches have permitted this kind of mindset and this did not help us. It did not help us because there is a great privilege and advantage that churches can have if we have the eight mindset concerning pastors children,” he said.

For him, this is an opportunity for pastors to inculcate certain values into the children, and ideally, they should be one of the best people to learn what it means to be a pastor so that they can easily fall into place.

He described his father Bishop Charles Agyinasare as a man with a wealth of knowledge, and that has helped shaped him as a reverend minister now.

”Instead of criticizing pastors for wanting their children to take up their ministry, they should encourage them because if pastors kids were encouraged, then they could be some of the most effective and efficient hands in doing the work of Ministry.”

He added: ”I think it is not a problem for pastors wanting their children wanting to do the work of Ministry. If a pastor can train the children of others to be pastors, what is the problem if they train their won children to take over,” he added.


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