Stop chastising & ridiculing the courts when they don’t rule in your favour-Majority to Minority

The Deputy Majority leader and MP for Efutu, Alexander Afenyo Markin has said, the NDC minority in Parliament must learn how to accept defeat and respect the laws of the land.

He said the Minority have developed an attitude of speaking against any ruling that goes against them.

“They are chastising and ridiculing the court just because a decision or ruling did not go in their favour”, he said.

Mr Afenyo added that the NDC always want to operate on the basis of convenience and when they lose out they attempt to bring down the whole court system and that is not good for a good governance.

On his part, the Majority leader and leader of government business, Osei-Kyei-Mensah Bonsu admonished the Minority and Parliament to respect the rulings of the Supreme court, as Parliament also expect the citizens to abide by the laws made by Parliament.

He further stated that MPs have no option to reject the ruling of the Supreme court but to accept and abide by it.

The comments were made at a press conference addressed by the Majority to state their position on the supreme Court rulings on the Deputy Speakers right to vote even when presiding over proceedings of Parliament.


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