Some award schemes only give musicians plagues sold @Ghc 10-Teflon Flexx

Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx has averred that there are some award schemes in the country that are taking advantage of musicians in the country.

The multi-talented musician said some award schemes only buy plagues at GHc10 just to deceive musicians in the name of awarding them, but in the end, these schemes make money at the expense of the musicians.

Teflon Flexx said the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards give musicians more than plagues and make them stronger and open better opportunities for them as compared to some schemes.

He said lots of award schemes are only there to make use of musicians because they have nothing to offer.

He told host DJ Slash on Rainbow Entertainment that the VGMAs is huge, has weight and some influence considering the credibility.

”There some award schemes that do not have weight, they just nominate you and want you to talk to your fans to use their money to vote, and at the end of it, you just get a plague. Such awards don’t have influence,” he added.

In his view, it was about time such schemes add value and weight to their schemes instead of making use of musicians.


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