Sim re-registration: MTN suffers system break down

MTN Ghana’s system and software used for the re-registration if the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards are down.

Hundreds of persons who stormed the various offices of MTN to go through the re-registration exercise were disappointed.

Some arrived at the various offices as early as 4 am although the offices of the MTN start operation at 8 am.

Reporters of Rainbow Radio visited some of the centres and reported on Frontline that officials from MTN told the several hundreds of people who had queued to go home and return another day or a few hours later.

According to the officials, persons who could be served were those who were there to replace their SIM cards and those who have had their numbers blocked.

Meanwhile, some who were at the offices complained about the stress they had to go through just to have their SIM cards re-registered.

Some have called on the government to put in measures to address the situation of long queues since several persons were yet to be re-registered.


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