Shut up if you’ve nothing to say about my kidnapped but found wife-Husband to Minister

The husband of a 29-year-old pregnant woman, Josephine Simon, who went missing in Takoradi before being found at Axim, has taken a swipe at the Western Regional Minister for claiming that his wife was not pregnant.

The husband, Michael Simon, said the comments by Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah are not only insensitive but an insult to the family.

The Minister says a preliminary investigation by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) shows the woman was never kidnapped.

“The BNI sent a report yesterday that the missing lady had been found and she’s at the Axim hospital and the police personnel is still there, the medical doctor is taking care of her. From the preliminary investigations, they suspect that this whole story was fake and the medical doctor who has even looked at her has seen that she wasn’t pregnant and has never been pregnant.

He added: “And he’s seen that this information has been bundled around for a long time. That’s the immediate information we have right now. That’s the information my security people have brought to me. What I’ve asked is that the husband and wife should be investigated because it’s weird that you can be staying with your wife who’s supposed to have been pregnant for 9 months and all of a sudden everybody finds out she’s not pregnant”.

But the husband said it is disappointing for the Minister to make such comments.

According to him, the family is happy the woman has been found, but they would not entertain such reckless claims by the Minister.

According to him, it was unfortunate for the Minister to make the comments despite what the family had gone through.


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