Shatta Wale’s Address was just a ”comeback gimmick”-Critic

Entertainment critic Isaac Kpogah aka Papa Ike has opined that the ‘State of the ‘State of the Music Industry’ address delivered by Shatta Wale is a ”come back gimmick”.

He said the controversial self-acclaimed dancehall king has been away for some time and wanted a strong comeback hence he used his addr54ess as an opportunity.

Although he said the issues raised by Shatta Wale were good, he has been commenting on these issues over and over again but this time around, he did not insult people.

In the past, he spoke about these same issues but insulted people, but this time around, his address was planned and well organised. That makes it very different. It is not extraordinary”.

He made the comments on Rainbow Entertainment.

According to him, Shatta Wale exposed his ignorance since Ghana is known for highlife and for him to call for a genre to pushed, meant he was ignorant.

He also indicated Shatta Wale insulted our known highlife legends.

”He wanted a comeback, and he did it nicely. The team has done so well because we are discussing him,” he added.

On his part, the Music Manager at Muse Africa, NYB, argued that the team that wrote the address for Shatta Wale did great.

But he believes Shatta Wale is not being honest with himself.

He raised valid points but the points are points we have raised before.

NYB noted that we have to forget the messenger and focus on the message he delivered.

He said Shatta Wale waited for a foreigner to ask him the genre Ghana does before his attention was drawn to reality.


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