Sefwi Bekwai: Headless body of woman found

The headless body of a woman believed to be in her 40s has been found at Sefwi Bekwai in the Western North region.

Information reachinG indicates that the woman’s body was found in an uncompleted building in the electoral area by some labourers.

The labourers were hired to fix the Plaster of Paris (POP) in the uncompleted building.

During their work., one of them felt uneasy, so he decided to go to the bushes behind the building to ease himself but discovered traces of blood.

He followed the traces of the blood until he got to a spot where he found the headless body of the woman.

He (labourer) raised an alarm, and the Police were later informed.

When the leaves were removed, the body was without a head.

The residents say they are currently living in fear and asked the Police to probe the matter and bring the offenders to book.


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