Sarki Salihu Yahaya appointed & installed as Elmina Zongo Chief

Sarki Salihu Yahaya has been appointed and installed as Elmina Zongo Chief.

On August 14, 2022, he was installed after the previous chief Chief Ahmed Dauda was dethroned.

The previous chief was summoned before the Central Regional Zongo chiefs by the previous chief.

They accused him of failing to organise communal labour, abandoning the community without informing the elders, and failing to perform the five times prayers as a true Muslim.

He was also accused of refusing to marry despite several pieces of advice from the community’s elders.

He was dethroned as a result of these and other allegations.
Following that, efforts were made to find a new person who was educated, humble, and dedicated.

According to sources, after his brother, the former chief, was destooled, the throne had to rotate to another house, but they attempted to select his younger brother to succeed in the position but failed.

He was removed because he did not honour an invitation from the community’s kingmakers.

Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya, an elder in the Elmina Zongo community, stated that the old destooled chief lacked qualities and did not even observe Islamic prayers despite being chief for over twelve years.

He stated that before a chief is appointed, his marital status is considered, but he has refused to marry and has engaged in activities that have harmed the throne.

He also stated that the old chief did not respect the elders who entrusted him.

He stated that the old chief failed to attend meetings sanctioned by his elders and insulted them without provocation.

These and other issues he raised compelled the elders and other interested parties to remove him.

“He destooled himself. He failed to attend several meetings that he was supposed to attend.”


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