Robotic birds capable of amazingly realistic flight shown off by German company

German engineering company Festo has created robotic birds capable of amazingly realistic flight.

The firm acknowledges that the robo-birds don’t have any business applications yet, but hopes one could be found in future.

Until then, a whole fleet (or flock) of the birds have been unveiled in a video showing off how they can take to the air.

Festo's robot bird
Image:The birds fly along a programmed flight path indoors

Festo has built miniaturised robots before, but nothing quite like these birds, which are able to flutter through the air, gliding and even directing themselves thanks to a radio system.

Officially called the BionicSwift, the next generation robot is able to fly thanks to ultra-lightweight artificial feathers.

Each device weighs only 42 grams, meaning nine of them would weigh the same as a full soft drink can – or about twice as much as a real swallow.

Festo has managed to get the birds to fly with realistic motion thanks to the artificial feathers and soft plates covering their bodies.

Source: Skynews

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