Resurrection Congregation to hold Food Bazaar on Sept. 24

The Resurrection Congregation, Makola, is planning a Food Bazaar as part of the activities marking the traditional week celebration of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG).

The Food Bazaar will be held on the church grounds on Saturday, September 24, 2022, opposite the SIC Life Mall in Makola-Accra.

The Food Bazaar would feature local drinks and food, which is expected to assist congregants in spreading the gospel in Ghanaian tradition.

Local drinks such as ‘Asaana’, ‘Sobolo’, Lamogin,’ and deserts such as ‘Kelewele’, Agbelekaklo’ would be on display and served to congregants and others who would participate.

In terms of the food, ‘Apapransa’, ‘Omo Tuo, ‘Fufu’, Konkonte’, Banku, ‘Komi’ among other sumptuous traditional meals from the various cultures of the Gas, Ewes, Krobos, and the people of the Northern, Akans part of the country would be on display.

The Food Bazaar will feature Generational Groups from the Children Service, Junior Youth, Young People’s Guild, Young Adults Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship, and Men’s Fellowship.

The Food Bazaar would also include ‘Kpokpoi,’ a Ga traditional meal served as part of the Homowo festival celebration.

On Sunday (September 25, 2022), the congregation will hold a thanksgiving service to climax the week-long activities.

Traditional music and dance will accompany the bazaar and thanksgiving service.

Congregants are also expected to dress traditionally in kente, smocks, and African prints with bead ornaments to represent their cultures as they gather in unity, peace, and joy.


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