Repair our deplorable roads or we’ll boycott the 2024 elections- Duadaso Residents

Residents of Duadaso 1&2 in the Jaman North District of the Bono region have petitioned the government to look into their deteriorating roads and come to their aid.

The residents claim that the roads connecting Sampa and Wenchi are deplorable and can be a death trap when it rains, so they are pleading with the government to listen to their concerns, or they will boycott the 2024 election.

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“Our roads have been abandoned by both political parties (NDC and NPP) for a couple of years now, but the current state of our roads is a death trap for all road users, and we need immediate action to curb this menace, as there’s a saying had I known is always at the end,” some of them said.

They also emphasized that the poor road network within the Duadso township and the Jaman North district is appalling and has hampered a variety of life activities, making it difficult to travel comfortably, particularly during the rainy season.

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As a result, they have pleaded with the government and other stakeholders to help them build their roads or count them out in the 2024 general election.

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