Render unqualified apology to the women you insulted-Bishops Conference to Badu Kobi

The Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference have condemned ethnocentric comments made by the pastor of the Glorious Wave Church, Prophet Badu Kobi.

Prophet Badu Kobi sparked outrage in Ghana a few days ago when he described Asante women as ungrateful, greedy, untrustworthy and proud. He also described Ewe women as doormats who are too humble to a fault. He also described Fante women as foolish.

Whiles the calls have been on him to apologize, the man of God has called anyone who will insult him as a fool and wise person because it’s only fools who will attack him for speaking the truth.

However, prophet, he Bishops say they strongly urge the pastor to render an unqualified apology to all women, especially the Asante, Fante, and Ewe women whom he mentioned in his comments.

Read the full statement below

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