Reduce your ministers, they’re too many- Akpalu to gov’t

The Founder and 2020 presidential candidate for the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpalu, has called on President Akufo-Addo to reduce the number of his ministers.

Mr. Akpalu says there was no need for us to have regional ministers since their job could be done by the various Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives across the nation.

He said, “Ghana does not need regional ministers to aid government business because Ghana is a unitary state not federal so the MMDCEs can take care of the regions with the assistance of regional coordinators to channel information to the government through the local government ministry”.

He was also of the view that we need only 19 ministers in Ghana and has since asked that the government consider merging some of the ministries to help reduce the cost and expenditure of the government.

He is advocating for part of the sanitation ministry to be merged with the local government ministry.

He also wants the technology and science aspect of the Science and Technology Ministry to be merged with education and communication respectively.

Mr. Akpalu posited that we don’t need any separate ministry for communication since that can be merged with the information ministry.
He also wants education and the youth and sports ministries to be merged.

He said education and sports are together and should not be two separate ministries.

On the Gender, Children, and Social Protection Ministry, he is calling for the Gender aspect to be joined to the Health Ministry whereas the Social Protection aspect should go to the Ministry of Trade with an additional ministry of the Employment and Labour Relations.

He believes labour jas to do with trade, hence it should merge with the trade ministry.

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