Raise the minimum wage to Ghc50 so the least pay would be Ghc1,500-EPL

The Economic Fighters League, also known as the Fighters (EFL), has called for a review of the salary structure in the country so Ghanain workers would benefit from their labour.

Leader and founder Ernesto Yeboah argued that the minimum wage in Ghana is nothing to write home about.

As of 2020, the daily minimum wage in Ghana stood at 11.82 Ghanaian cedis (GHS) (approximately 2.03 U.S. dollars), representing an increase of 1.17 GHS (around 0.2 U.S. dollars) from 2019.

Since 2010, the minimum wage has progressively increased in accordance with the 2003 Labor Act which mandates the Ghana National Tripartite Committee to determine the national daily minimum wage.

However, Ernesto Yeboah is of the view that it is not the best because this would not allow Ghanaian workers to save enough and take care of them.

In view of this, EFL is proposing that the least salary in the country should be Ghc1,500 to represent a minimum wage of Ghc50.

”If we don’t see this adjustment, then it means that the government is not serious about the welfare of Ghanaian workers,” he stated.

Ernesto Yeboah explained that Ghanaians are struggling because the prices of goods and services have risen sharply in recent times.

On the issue of galamsey, he said we have failed the fight because politicians and senior government officials are part of the cabal.

He said these hypocrites are the ones leading the stop galamsey campaign.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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