Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Asirifi to host ‘Osorie Mre’

Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi will from tomorrow, Thursday, September 30, 2020, host ‘Osorie Mre’ on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm from 2-3pm.

The show is a live worship that will afford listeners the opportunity to appreciate God, pray and dedicated themselves to the Almighty through songs.

Lovers of Gospel music will be treated to a great feast of scintillating worship songs by top gospel musicians, men of God, choir groups and other great singers.

The host would be doing this with the founder and general overseer of the Jesu Mission International Reverend Jonathan Essel.

The host Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi said the apostle Paul admonishes the church in his letter to the Hebrews admonished and encouraged them to always worship the Lord.

He explained we worship and remember that Christ died, Christ has risen, and Christ will return again adding that the main purpose to acknowledge that we serve a living God.

He said the key purpose of worship is to remember God, and to be thankful for the sacrifice of Christ who died to save us from our sins.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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