Python found dead in a car at Bonkus

Residents at Bonkus in the Cape Coast North Constituency of the Central Region were thrown into a state of shock after they found a python inside a car of a driver while at work.

Information gathered by indicates that the driver smelled an unusual scent in his car when he started work on Sunday, forcing him to park the car around Bonkus Washing Bay to check what was the cause of the smell.

May be an image of 4 people and outdoors

Some of the eyewitnesses, including a spiritualist and a welder who helped in finding the cause of the smell, explained that they removed everything from the car but found nothing.

They then decided to cut some parts of the car, including the door and roof and in the process, found the dead python on top of the front door, also known as the front pole.

May be an image of 2 people, car and outdoors

According to the residents, it became difficult for them to remove the dead python, and it took the intervention of the spiritualist and the welder to remove the dead python.

“We have not heard or seen this before in our lifetime, therefore, we will pour libation to prevent any unusual future outcome out of this”, a resident said.


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