Push in more money to promote your artistes in Europe-DJ Invincible to managers

Award-winning DJ, DJ Invincible has advised Ghanaian managers to invest heavily in the promotion of their artistes’ songs, especially in Europe.

Speaking to host of Rainbow Entertainment from London, the award-winning DJ said managers in Ghana need to take a serious risk if they want they musicians to a breakthrough in Europe.

He indicated that Afro Beat has gained massive support in Europe because it has been accepted.

According to him, DJs are now playing more African songs in London hence managers from Ghana should take advantage and push in more resources in promoting their artistes.

He said they should invest heavily in promoting their songs. The Nigerians have put in more effort and pushing in more money. That’s the only way you can play bog shows in Europe. The Nigerians have conquered but Ghanaians are behind.

He also advised managers to have a list of good and great DJs across the world so they can help them promote their songs when he spoke to host DJ Slash.

By: Rashid Obodai Provençal

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