Publish report on Bulgarian Embassy demolition-Minority

The Minority in Parliament has called for the publication of the full report on the Bulgarian Embassy demolition.

Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, says the government must be transparent with Ghanaians.

“It is important we emphasize the little progress that has been made because there are so many aspects of this matter that remain unresolved. The major concern of the NDC Minority caucus is that the 149-paged document must be published in full. We are not the least satisfied that this report has not been made public”.

“Best practices recommend strongly that when an inquiry is conducted, the report is public. If you do not have anything to hide as a government or intend to shield anybody, you make the work of the Sole Inquirer public. Why is the government refusing to publish the full report. This statement is a white wash. It is a big joke. We are not going to accept this”.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has announced that it was satisfied with the report on the matter after a Sole Inquirer had completed an investigation into the matter.

The Ministry noted that it had taken steps to implement the recommendations of the Sole Inquirer.


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