Profane attacks, needless confrontations, insults now the hallmark of the new breed of politicians-Prof. Botchwey

Former Finance Minister Prof. Kwesi Botchwey has bemoaned what he has described as politics of insults.

Mr. Botchway was a keynote speaker at a public lecture organised by the One Ghana Movement at the University of Ghana as part of Ghana’s independence day celebration.

He said there was the need for the preservation of the integrity, competence, and independence of our public institutions, including the media regulatory bodies local government institutions, Electoral Commission, and other state bodies.

He went on to state that the agenda for a democratic dispensation would not be complete without these things being implemented.

He underscored the need for checks and balances of our state bodies.

But strongly spoke against the politics of insults, needless confrontations, profane attacks, adding that these things embarrass him.

He opined that it would be best if politicians attack issues instead of attacking people who constructively express their views on governance issues.

He said these tendencies have become a hallmark of the new breed of politicians who hide behind anonymity to unleash attacks on people.

On the issue of the economy, he said Ghana’s current economic challenges could be overcome if the government is transparent with Ghanaians.

“Our current travails can be overcome provided we level with the people. The solution to a problem begins with recognising that there is one. It must start with the recognition that, it is a crisis and level with the people. We must wind down the hubris, the arrogance, and the show of impunity that the people see.”

According to him, two areas that affect the economic policy choices being made are continuity in economic planning and democratic consolidation.

He advised leadership to address the challenge since it could help in resolving the economic crisis we are confronted with.

The lecture was on the theme: “On the state of the nation’s economy and politics, 65 years after independence, the path to sustainable development and democratic consolidation.”

It was organized by the OneGhana Movement in partnership with the University of Ghana Department of Economics and School of Social Sciences.

It was held at Cedi Conference Centre at the university’s Department of Economics.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal/

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