Prez commissions mini-hydro generation station in Volta Region

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has today, Saturday, November 21, 2020, commissioned a 45KW mini-hydro generation station in Alavanyo, in the Volta Region.

The project consists of a concrete diversion weir, an intake structure, a diversion channel, a forebay, steel penstock, a powerhouse, and a transmission line which ties the electricity generated into the local distribution grid.

The president speaking the ceremony said the project will add to the country’s generation mix.

“This important project is going to assist the people of Volta Region and Ghana as a whole, and we will get the best out of it because it is wholly owned by us the Ghanaian people. The design and engineering and its construction is all Ghanaian owned. It’s been done 100 percent by the engineers and the workers of the Bui Power Authority. For us also to get the full benefit, there is going to be a research site for those who are going to be operating it to get the necessary knowledge.”
“Apart from the fact that it’s been 100 percent by Ghanaians, they have been able to also preserve the environment, the ecology and nothing has been destroyed in making this power development because of our concern for the environment and the ecology.”

The project will provide power for the people of Alavanyo and its environs.


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