Potholes on Mile 7 Road destroying our cars-Drivers

Drivers who ply the Achimota-Mile 7 stretch of road have complained bitterly of the poor nature of the road along the overhead.

Reporting from the area on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi disclosed that the road has developed deep potholes with some containing stagnant and smelly water.

He said the situation was terrible and causing damage to vehicles.

He reported that commuters who wait at the bus stop in the area get their dresses stained when some of the vehicles splash water from the potholes on them.

Some of the drivers told him that they had complained severely but nothing has been done about it.

They indicated drivers who refuse to drive with caution upon reaching the area suffer the consequences of having their vehicles destroyed.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana

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