Phase 3 of 5-Districts Water Project to begin-Minister

The Minister in charge of Water and Sanitation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has assured parliament that the government was committed at improving the supply of water to Sassekope, Dorkploame, Yorkutikpo, Atsieve and Dorkploame and other communities all in the Volta region.

This she said forms part of government’s continuous efforts at improving portable water supply to these communities.

She disclosed both Cabinet and parliamentary approvals have been given for the implementation of Phase 3 of the 5-Districts Water Supply Scheme.

Under the project, Yorkutikpo and Dorkploame and their environs would be connected to the distribution line from Agotakpo, which is the end under Phase 2 of the project.

She also added that parliament has approved the Keta Water Supply Project.

Under this project also, the Agordome Sogakope Water Treatment Plant will be expanded to improve the supply of water to Sassekope, Dendo and Atsieve communities and their environs that are in need of water.


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