Petition calling on Prez to halt vaccination exercise flawed, skewed-GMA

The Ghana Medical Association has described the petition some 11 doctors sent to the presidency demanding a halt in the ongoing vaccination exercise as flawed.

The GMA in a statement disassociated itself from the petition.

According to the GMA the position taken by the doctors was flawed and “based on skewed data.”

The group, known as the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors, petitioned President Akufo-Addo not to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory in public and private institutions.

The GMA responding to the petition posited that the concerns raised by the doctors “does not in any way reflect the situation of COVID-19 in Ghana.”

To the GMA, the petition was “misleading, unfortunate, and not based on available local and international scientific data.”

“Data available to the GMA supports the efficacy and safety of all the COVID-19 vaccines currently registered and in use in Ghana.”

“The evidence that the vaccines reduce the incidence of critical illness, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission and deaths globally and in Ghana is undisputed,” the statement added.


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