Perez Musik releases ‘Tser Ofe’

Perez Musik, Ghana’s upcoming sensational gospel musician, has added another hit gospel track to his already successful music career.

The hit song is titled “Tser Ofe” in Ga dialect, which translates to “Almighty Father” in English.

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the single track is expected to be launched and released.

As is customary for him, the creator of “Blema Tesaa (Rock of Ages)” and “Hewale Lala” blended both the Ga dialect and the English language, just as he did with previous songs.

As a sound enginner, he made sure the sound technics were brought to bear as he backed the Tser Ofe with a powerful rhythm.

The track talks about the fact that God is wonderful and all his works are wonderful.

The song also puts God above all things and that all his works are evidence of the fact that he is the supreme.

With the blend of the Ga dialect, Perez Musik believes that when he thinks about creation, he does not know why people doubt His existence.

Born Frank Tagoe some decades ago, the gospel artist, songwriter, producer and film maker, is hopeful the song would impact the lives of listeners.

Other songs such as Blema Tesaa (Rock of Ages), Hewale Lala, among others are already enjoying massive airplays on both radio and television stations.

Meanwhile, Perez Musik is having it’s first ever concert at the Victory Bible Church, Awoshie in Accra.

The event is scheduled for August 28,2022. Other artists to perform on the night which begins from 5pm are Akese Brempong, MOG Music, Pita and Efe Grace.


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