Payola is not healthy for the industry-DJ Invisible

Rainbow Radio’s DJ Invisible has said it is not advisable to accept ‘Payola’ if you are paid as a DJ.

The DJ based in UK told host of Rainbow Entertainment DJ Slash, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that ‘Payola’ is not healthy for the music industry.

”If you are paid by your radio station, you don’t have to accept ‘Payola’.

Responding to the recent dismissal of UK-based Ghanaian disc jockey (DJ) Frank Boakye-Yiadom, also known as DJ Tiiny, over a ‘Payola’, he described it as a silly mistake which should not have occurred.

The DJ was been sacked by Capital Xtra after it emerged he had asked for payments (payola) of £200 to play songs on his weekly radio show.

DJ Tiiny asked for £200 from a producer to keep playing his song on his show.

He was immediately fired after the producer reported him to the management.

DJ Invisible indicated that it is very dangerous to accept money from artistes before playing their songs.

He said in the UK, it is illegal to do and when caught, you would not be spared.

Commenting on the Ghana situation, he said Ghana is different because the DJs in Ghana are paid well by the radio stations.

He said in Europe, the job is a professional one, hence you are paid well to prevent the issue of ‘Payola’, but in Ghana, our DJs are not well paid.

DJ Invisible said if you charge an artiste to play his or her music it is ‘Payola’ but when you play a song and the musician appreciates you, that is fine.


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