Pay us our arrears bt December 2, to we’II shut down Kejetia Market-Guards

Some security guards working at the New Kejetia Market have threatened to shut down the market if they are paid their dour-month salary areas by December 2, 21021.

The aggrieved security personnel who were part of the Delta force complained bitterly about how the regional chairman Wontumi has rejected them at Kejetia after working tirelessly for the party to come to power.

The workers claimed that they had been employed as security guards at LESBENA security company with poor working conditions.

They made a passionate appeal to the leadership of the party, the regional minister, KMA mayor to respond to their grievances.

Addressing the media during a demonstration this morning, the leader of the aggrieved personnel, Isaac Owusu, explained that they are struggling to survive due to the non-payment of their salaries.

Other workers said they are unable to fend for their families, and the company they work for instructed the banks where their salaries are paid not to grant them loans.

The workers insisted that they would be forced to lock the market if they are not paid by December 2, 2021.


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