Passengers burnt to death as bus rams into damaged towing truck

An accident has occurred on the Offinso-Rechiman road, claiming several lives.

Police Commander DSP Gyasi Agyemang, who confirmed the story described the accident as gory.

Although he was yet to visit the scene, the Commander, first-hand information he has gathered indicates that the accident involved a bus and a truck which was parked along the way because it was damaged.

He explained that the driver who was driving at a top speed refused to stop when he was instructed to do at the Police Check Point.

Upon reaching the scene where the Kia Towing car was parked, he rammed into it.

After ramming into the truck, the bus veered off into another lane and caught fire.

Some of the passengers managed to escape but the rest were trapped and burnt to death, the Commander disclosed.

The bus IS with registration number GT 4215-17 whereas the truck is with registration number GP 6983-12.

The Commander advised drivers to avoid driving recklessly on our roads, be disciplined and respect traffic regulations.

He said the accident could have been avoided if the driver had stopped when he asked to or avoided the reckless driving.


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