Paralympic front worried they could not get rep on 2023 African Games Committee

The inauguration of the Organizing board for 2023 All African Games and African Para games has been held and there is no member of the Paralympic front who is a part of the committee.

Speaking to Rainbow Sports, Peter Adjei, the National Paralympic Committee (PNC) general secretary claims that no letter has been served to the NPC asking for a representative neither have they notified them of the inauguration.

He expressed regrets and disappointment in the country as a whole for having started preparations for the All African Games in 2023 with a great mistake by not involving any member of the PNC frontline.

Mr. Adjei likens this gesture to the mistakes Morocco as a country did for hosting all African Games and couldn’t organize African Para Games.

He further stated in disappointment that the leaders of the country and managers of the sports field should be sincere and open up to let them know if they don’t have an interest in Para Games.

He says it will be better that way so that they can release the athletes for them to find other livelihoods.

The NPC Secretary confirms that the act of not involving the PNC frontline in the organization of the All African Games is repeatedly done and it breaks his heart.

When asked whether it is a norm that they are not included in the organization or it a deliberate attempt to exempt them, he says “it is a norm and the media is also to be blamed for not constantly educating the public on the importance of Paralympic games in the country”

He finally stated that the intended demonstration is an idea of the athletes and it is a right of every Ghanaian, so they want to reach out to the president of the country and lay before him their grievances to limit the neglect of Para Games in the country.

By: Paul Adams

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