Our stadiums are not commercially viable for any company to invest in-Seidu

Sports analyst and researcher Adamu Seidu has quizzed the commercial viability of our stadiums for which the government has decided to give out to companies.

Commenting on plans by the government to give out the naming rights, the sports journalist said our stadiums do not have the needed commercial viability for any company to buy the rights.

Speaking on Total Sports Review on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm with Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi, Adamu Seidu said the National Sports Authority (NSA) over the past 40 years have not been able to convince us that they can make our stadiums commercially viable.

He said until they prove Ghanaians wrong, he will insist that our stadiums are not commercially viable for any company to be given the naming rights.

He further demanded further explanation on whether all the stadiums we have would be given out to companies to have the naming g rights or there would be some named after prominent persons for their contributions to sports in the country.

He charged the NSA t5o come out with a proper regulation and give Ghanaians a proper analysis of out best this would be done.

‘’Our stadiums have been badly managed. When look at the report by the Auditor-General, you will be disappointed. The report is damming and the NSA has failed woefully in managing the stadiums we have in Ghana.

There is no company in Ghana that will buy the naming rights for the stadiums we have. What benefits are they going to get? How can we have an NSA and yet, stadium lights could go off for six months without repairs,’’ he added.

Adamu Seidu stressed the need for the NSA to be serious and put the stadiums in good shape so we will have proper institutions to buy the naming rights.

‘’There is no company that is charity. If they want to invest 3 million dollars in buying the rights, they must get returns, It would be better for them to invest these monies into proper marketing, advertisement or corporate social responsibility then buy naming rights of our stadiums that have been badly managed.’’

By: Rashid Ob odai Provencal

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