(OPINION): In What Capacity Is JM Saying NDC Will Shed Blood In 2024?

Long before John Dramani Mahama joined the NDC in 1996; the NDC gave itself a Constitution at its birth in 1992.

Just for the records once again; John Mahama was NOT a part of the December 31st, 1981 Revolution; and by extension, had nothing to do with the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC).

That is to say; John Mahama knew nothing about the formation of the NDC – and only jumped on board in 1996 when Gilbert Iddi was compelled to step down for Mahama to contest the Bole Bamboi Seat.

Of course; the NDC is an Umbrella political party made up od all shades of persons from diverse political backgrounds and so joining the NDC from the Peoples Heritage Party (PHP), in 1996, was not a problem for John Dramani Mahama.

From the look of things, it is becoming very apparent that, because John Mahama was not party of the formation of the NDC, he does not know the details of the Party’s Constitution, and so continues to act in ways that fly in the face of decency as far as the rules of the NDC is concerned.

We ask; currently, what is the official locus/status of John Dramani Mahama?

What is his official title?

The answer is; John Dramani Mahama has NO official locus/status within the daily schedules of the NDC.

John Dramani Mahama is only a Former President/Flagbearer; and nothing else!

For the sake of those who are ignorant, and do not know the relevant provisions of the NDC’s constitution, Article 25, is very clear as to who the current Leader of the NDC, is.

Per Article 25, in the event that the NDC has no elected Flagbearer when in opposition (as is the case now), the National Chairman doubles as the Leader of the Party. In other words, per Article 25 of the NDC’s constitution, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, the National Chairman, is also the Leader of the NDC whether he accepts it or not!

Indeed, the same Article 25 (e), stipulates that, in the event that the National Chairman is unable to assume the Leadership role of the NDC, the National Executive Committee (NEC), of the NDC, shall meet and select “one of the Vice Chairmen to act as Chairman and Leader..”.

So, in what capacity is John Mahama going around further destroying the already soiled image of the NDC via his threats of bloodshed in 2024?

As it is now very clear that John Dramani Mahama knows zilch about the constitution of the NDC, The Informer wants to do him a big favour by letting him know that he has no official functional locus within the NDC and so has no capacity to make official pronouncements on behalf of the Party.

In relation to his most recent “do-and-die” reckless comments; we want to let John Dramani Mahama know that if he is tired of living and wants to die; he is at liberty to kill himself but he should not deceive himself into believing that the NDC will go into the grave with him.

Actually, nothing stops John Dramani Mahama from killing himself and his numerous children because he is desperate for political power – but for goodness sake, he should leave other peoples children alone to live through their God-given destinies.

If, desperation has set in, and with no concrete message and alternative plans; John Mahama thinks he can “fool” the base of the NDC via loose war talks, then he is making a very big mistake because “..you can fool some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

Since its birth; never has the NDC found itself in such disastrous disarray because of the repugnantly bad leadership of the moment. Instead of doing the right things; they prefer to spit on the NDC Constitution and do all the wrong things and when members are bold enough to point out the ills, such members are targeted maliciously.

Nobody is stopping John Dramani Mahama from contesting again to become Flagbearer if he so wishes: but until he goes through the process, he is NOT the Leader of the NDC and should stop carrying himself about as such, and stop using his unsanctioned unguarded statements to worsen the already depressing status of the NDC.

John Dramani Mahama, you currently have no locus within the NDC: Enough of your destructive shenanigans!

Source: Informer Newspaper

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