Only a devil will clear PPA boss from his evil corrupt deals-Mahdi Jibril

A former deputy national organizer of National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mahdi Jibril, has suggested government might demand from Manasseh Azure Awuni to provide details on the type of camera he used to conduct his latest ‘Contracts for Sale’ (Donkomi) investigative piece.
The young politician said as usual of the NPP, they might direct the freelance journalist to provide details of the camera to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the work was authentic.
Mahdi Jibril said the latest expose, which has revealed that Talent Discovery Limited, a company incorporated in June 2017, has won several government contracts through restrictive tendering cannot be swept under the carpet.

To him, the video exposed how the company was selling contracts.

Undercover encounters with the General Manager of the Company, Thomas Amoah, revealed that the company was selling a ¢22.3 million road contract to K-Drah Enterprise, a fake company Manasseh used for the investigation.

The NDC officer said he wet after watching the video but does not believe the government will deal with the matter in accordance with the law.
Describing the ruling NPP as a party of evil men led by President Akufo-Addo, he said, ‘’if you don’t take care, they will ask Manasseh to bring details of the camera he used in filming his work.’’

He was of the view that nobody can defend the contents because it was obvious the evil orchestrated by the PPA boss has been badly exposed.

Mahdi Jibril said the president would be tested by Ghanaians on this particular matter and how he will deal with it.

”Anybody who will defend the video is a devil. Anybody who loves Ghana and is a Christian or a Muslim will not defend this evil. Anyone who will defend this is nothing but evil.”

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal


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