NPP will elect a good successor to replace Nana Addo, so retain us in 2024-John Boadu

John Boadu, General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has revealed the elephant family will elect a presidential candidate that will continue with the great strides of President Akufo-Addo.

Addressing party delegates at the annual delegates conference on Kumasi on December 19, 2021, he said the NPP is the only party that has what it takes to manage the economy far better.

The constitution of Ghana he noted does not prevent a sitting government from seeking another term after serving eight years.

He said it is the candidate who serves eight years that is changed but a government or party that has performed well is not changed.

John Boadu stressed a president who serves an eight-year term must leave but the party that brought him or her to office must be allowed to continue and consolidate the gains made.

He said the NPP believes it must preserve the policies introduced.

He explained that implementing policies takes time and consistency hence the need for Ghanaians to allow the NPP to remain in office for another term.

To him, Ghanaians want the NPP to remain in office and continue with their policies which he claimed were transforming lives.

John Boadu asked Ghanaians to vote massively for the new candidate of the NPP because the candidate to be elected would be a good successor to Nana Addo.

The new candidate he assured will continue to listen to Ghanaians, mobilize the best of talents and values and accelerate the economic transformation of Ghana.


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