NPP, NDC spokespersons on Creative Arts not being truthful to Ghanaians-Tsormanah

Entertainment critic Chris Tsormanah has expressed disappointment in the spokespersons on creative arts for both the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for failing to be truthful in their arguments on what their governments will implement for the industry.

He expressed his disappointment in the two parties for arguing on grounds of their personal interests.

The critic was reacting to arguments the two spokespersons on what has been achieved by the NPP and what they have failed to do.

Mr. Kwasi Ernest the spokesperson for the NPP told host DJ Slash that with the exception of the theaters the NPP has failed to construct, it has fulfilled all it’s manifesto promises.

He argued the NPP has also managed to promote domestic tourism through the recently organized Year of Return initiative.

Mr. Ernest said the NPP has built a detailed inventory of all cultural assets to gel the country have a database of all assets.

Aside from these things, he said the NPP has also trained industry players, provided an avenue for them to enhance their skills and knowledge on their craft.

On the issue of the Creative Arts Fund he said the Bill would have to be passed first before the Fund can be established.

But Mr. Tex Omar, the spokesperson for NDC scored the NPP zero percent saying they7 not achieved anything for the arts.

He said without mincing words that the NPP has done nothing for the NPP.

He asked them to accept their failure and step aside so that the NDC will take over and manage the creative arts industry better through their creative economy agenda.

The agenda the NDC has for the arts he said is the best because, for the first time, the Creative Arts Industry will have a separate ministry to manage the affairs of the industry.

However, Chris Tsormanah opined that the two persons failed to argue well and allowed their political colours to blind their arguments.

He said the success of the ‘Year of Return’ was something that sold Ghana to the globe and the government should be commended for that.

On the issue of the promise by the government to establish specialised courts for the arts, he said the promise is almost beung fulfilled after the Chief Justice approved for the Specialised Courts to established for the arts industry.

He explained that the Arts Right court’, as a division of the High Court, will deal with copyright issues and other matters relating to the industry.

This he added must also be commended.

He disagreed with Rex Omar for scoring the government zero.


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