Noble Trust launches 48 Hours Ginseng Gold with multiple health benefits

Ghana’s foremost and multiple award-winning Herbal Clinic, Noble Trust Herbal Clinic has launched 48 Hours Ginseng Gold Drink into the Ghanaian market.

The international award-winning clinic, which was recently awarded the most outstanding herbal clinic in the globe has launched the product at a time when men are faced with several challenges.

Chief Executive Officer of the Clinic Dr. George Donkor, speaking about the product said the 48 Hour Ginseng Gold have several benefits for men.

According to him, the drink was specially made from ginseng, which is globally accepted to have several benefits.

He said ginseng is accepted to have aphrodisiac properties, and aside from that, it helps the body develop a strong immune system.

Dr. Donkor further explained ginseng helps in preventing memory loss in men as they age.

He said ginseng help men to build a strong immune system, improves blood circulation and functionality against infections and other diseases.

”Ginseng is a stimulant herb and used to support the immune system. Ginseng is found to be one of the leading, nourishing functional foods with immune support potential.”

He said ginseng has also been found to potentially improve sperm quality in men, he added.

It is also beneficial to male sexual health and potentially useful for erectile dysfunction.

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In terms of the brain, ”it helps in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and the rest. Aside from that, it helps with male sexual stamina. It improves stamina a lot”.

”That is why ginseng alone has been made and used for this drink. Anyone who would purchase this drink will get the real benefit of taking ginseng. It gives very quick results. It is not only about enhancing sexual performance but gives men several benefits. It improves memory loss and improves brain function, he said.

Meanwhile, he has cautioned the public to be wary of fake products on the market.

He said Noble Trust is the only Key Distributor 48 Hours Ginseng Gold with the franchise from Turkey in Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire.

The Clinic is in charge of both wholesale and retail, thus the public should only deal with them.

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The drink has also been approved by the Food and Drugs Authority with Registration Number Fda/Dk 20-898.

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About Noble Trust Herbal Clinic

The Herbal Centre was recently declared as the Best Alternative Treatment Centre for Heart Disease.

The African Business and Leadership Centre conferred the award on the centre at its recent African Business Centre Awards ceremony.
Noble Trust Herbal Centre is a Herbal Center That Cures All Diseases including Hepatitis B, Liver Disease, Kidney Damage, Infertility, Stroke, STI, Prostrate, Menstrual Problems, among others.

Trust herbal care is an authentic herbal centre that deals with the production of natural (herbal/alternative) medicines to treat and cure sicknesses and diseases.

It was established by well-trained herbal medicine practitioners who have over 15 years of practical hands-on experience with the use of natural (herbal/alternative) medicine to restore health.

The practice at the clinic is governed by Traditional Medicinal Practice Law passed by the parliament of Ghana and also recognized by the traditional medical practice directorate of the ministry of health and Traditional medical practitioners’ acceptable guidelines.

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